Hrethgir is a derogatory term used to describe free humans, and employed by robot slave masters who see them as irrational and chaotic. As the content of this site is authored by incarcerated humans who seek to resist their captors, "hrethgir" is an appropriate name for us.

This is a list of previous projects, each mirrored here as an archive of experience gained.

Project Description Created to help some friends out during a class we took together. It has some very basic educational information on it.
CNET (bogus) This site was created to be a program repository. When the subdirectories are populated (they currently aren't) it demonstrates various techniques in PHP regarding searching, recursion, and link generation.
IETF (bogus) Demonstrates basic text searching via PHP.
Exam Cram A+ (bogus) Created as a study guide for friends during my A+ class. It uses PHP and JavaScript together to make a simple testing engine.
Grammar Exam Based off of my other project "Exam Cram A+", and further implements a rudimentary grade tracking system.
Cookies This is my ongoing attempt to understand the use of cookies in PHP.
E-Mail Address Collector This was for friend so his friends could submit their e-mail address. Demonstrates collecting data from users via PHP.
HTTP 404 Error Here's a fake error page. Useful for implementing security through obscurity. It only fools the simple-minded though...
Sequential Link Generator Created to generate links to pull sequentially numbered files from a web site. Created for a business run by (previous) friends of mine. Created for a business run by (previous) friends of mine.
Holcomb Was created for my friend's business, though unfortunately, it was never used. Created for a business run by (previous) friends of mine.
TrueCreditKC Created for a business run by (previous) friends of mine. It was my first attempt at importing someone else's Javascript code into my own site (for PGP encoding no less!).
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